Anime & Character Design Classes

“Learning Art in a Fun & Engaging way that Nurtures their Creativity & Self Expression”

In our Character Design and Anime art classes, your child will learn:

  • How to render shapes to create form
  • To create proportion for figures
  • Basic to intermediate level of anime characteristics 
  • Learning how to design their own characters from scratch
  • Gesture Drawing 
  • Muscles and form 
  • Developing knowledge of drawing faces, clothing
  • Figure Drawing: Basic to complex shapes 
  • Body weight distribution 
  • Poses and how to create side, front, quarter views of people

The Benefits of Art for Children: Building 21st Century Skills

Learning self-expression through art builds a child’s self-esteem and confidence. It also teaches them how to communicate their ideas and find their individual voice. Developing these important skills at a young age gives them expressive freedom and encourages kids to embrace ALL of their internal capabilities.

Includes all art materials
Weekly art homework

11″ x 14″ sketchbook required.


Basic Rates & Pricing ​

Ages 8-11DurationPrice
Monthly*1.5 hours$112+hst
3 months/13 weeks1.5 hours$336+hst (save $28)
6 months/24 weeks1.5 hours$588+hst (save $84)

*billed as 4 classes each month, prorated accordingly to reflect mid-month registrations and 5-week months.

Children's Classes

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Children Art Class (Age 8-11)

Wed. 4:30-6:00PM

Sat. 5:00-6:30PM